I downvoted because

the question is not posted in English

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The post’s language is not in English

If a post is written in another language, users cannot comprehend what you write so the question cannot be answered.

Why this is a problem

Because Stack Overflow is an English-only website, posts that are in another language do not get answered.

Why this is worth a downvote

A question posted in another language is not likely to get answered. Users want to help but are not be expected to translate posts. When those who are familiar with the language of the post spend time to translate, it takes their limited time away from providing answers to the question or to other users.

What to do next

Posts should be in English. Google Translate is an option for users with very poor English. Posts that are easy to understand are more likely to get a quick, correct answer.

The post does not have to be perfect - users are available to edit and ask for clarification if needed. It is important to be available after posting a question and respond quickly to these requests. Ignoring a question means ignoring people who are trying to help.

There are several Stack Overflow communities in other languages, and moderators can be asked to migrate questions to another community that fits the language of the post.

Leave a comment!

Once you have done this, leave a comment to the person who sent you this link. They will be happy to retract their downvote.

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